Falling leaves, spooky themes, and…meeting the mayor?

fall_familyAs everyone has probably noticed, the weather is a-changin’. Brisk winds have swept in and with them have come new colors, more layers, and all the excuses any of us could need to stay inside and sip warm cider.

Fall is such a perfect time because of all the family moments synonymous with the season. We break out our pumpkin carving kits and make messes (and silly faces!) together, dress up in costumes that will get everyone’s attention, cook dinners that take advantage of the bounty of the season, and plenty else.

Beyond being the season of cozy togetherness, fall is also a season of change—from the leaves outside to the wardrobe in your closet. It’s already been a big season of change for us at Vissenger, too. We attended our first real-world conferences and events as a company this month and learned so much, especially about YOU, our users!

massinnologo_2The biggest highlight of all was attending Mass Innovation Night’s “Women Founders” event. We were in the company of 13 other innovative products just starting out, and it was such a pleasure to be part of a night that celebrated some of the brightest female minds in local business.

Plus, Boston Mayor Marty Walsh was in attendance as well! He toured the companies, heard our pitch, gave a nod of approval, and then presented a speech that highlighted all the achievements every business owner in the room had achieved thus far. It was truly a special moment.

The cherry on top was winning the opportunity to present Vissenger in front of everyone (and to all who voted for us: THANK YOU!). It was great to show the crowd just how special Vissenger is, and just how perfect it could be for them. At the end of our presentation, we were even awarded a crowd favorite award!

We can’t wait to see what the coming year brings our way. We hope you and your loved ones enjoy the fall season as much as we have been enjoying ours. Happy sharing!

Big news: Boston New Technology and Mass Innovation Nights

The Vissenger team has been working hard over the past year to create a service that helps you better connect with friends and family. Now, we’re getting on stage at two upcoming events in the Boston area to share Vissenger’s vision of simple video messaging with an even bigger crowd. But we need your help!

First up: The Boston New Technology Startup Showcase. On Wednesday, October 12, we’ll be presenting alongside six other exciting and innovative startups to show the Boston and Cambridge startup scene what we’re all about.

Second (and this is where YOU come in): Mass Innovation Nights. We are currently in the running to present at one of the biggest local startup showcases in the area: The Women Founders event at District Hall. However, only the top four businesses get the chance to share their product and vision with the audience. We need your help to get the votes that will guarantee us a spot on stage.

Voting is simple:

Click here.

Scroll to the bottom of the page to find Vissenger and click “Love it”.

That’s it!

We greatly appreciate your support and can’t wait to see what the future holds. Happy sharing!

Vissenger is the solution to emailing large video files

blog6Email is the perfect way to send news and updates to loved ones. But what if you want to share more than text replies or family photos? Vissenger allows you to share videos with anyone in your email contact list—without having to worry about that pesky file size limit.

Most email services cap their attachment size at 25MB. That can often be too limiting for the moments and memories we deem worth sharing. With Vissenger, you can simply record and send the videos you want to share right online: no downloads, no limits.

No matter what you wish to share with friends and family, Vissenger is a handy tool for sending any type of video messages. From birthday messages to casual “How’s it going’s” and more, use Vissenger to easily and simply share videos that you can record from both a desktop and a mobile device.

The best part is whomever you send your videos to receives them right in their inbox, not as an attachment. It helps save them time and valuable hard-drive space, and saves you the hassle of figuring out how to send a too-big video.

Try Vissenger free today and get started sending video messages—no matter how big.

Kicking off a conversation on Vissenger

Vissenger is a new type of vvissengerideo messaging platform; one that allows you to record and send videos to your loved ones any time you want. However, one big difference between Vissenger and other modes of conversation, like phone calls or video chats, is there isn’t another person on the line as you’re speaking.

To help you get your conversations started, we’ve come up with a list of suggested topics and starters that will get your message on its way and your loved ones eager to respond.

For casual catch-ups:
Hello! Wanted to drop a quick line and see things are going with you. Here’s what’s new in my life….

For those ever-so-special occasions:
Hello! I know today is your special day and I wanted to say how much I love you. I hope your birthday/anniversary/graduation/new job/whatever the occasion calls for is as amazing as you!

And, the classic: just sing them Happy Birthday (silly hats not required, but strongly recommended).

For the times you’re feeling creative:
Hello! Since I can’t be there now to read this bedtime story myself, I’ve decided to send it you so you can listen to it whenever you like! Once upon a time…

For the record, your messages don’t have to match these suggestions word-for-word, but just remember that there are no rules to what you can say, express, or send in your video messages. After all, these messages are headed straight to the people who love you the most—no one expects them to be perfect. Just say what’s on your mind and—above all—have fun!

Catching up with your grandkids (without making them sit still)


kidsPlayingThey just got to the next level of their favorite video game. They just got to their favorite part of Frozen (anytime someone starts singing). They just scored a point for their team in the backyard.

When it comes to trying to catch up with grandkids, they’re young, they’re active, and they might not always be available to say hey when you ring up their house. We get that.

Instead of trying to coordinate schedules or passing on another “Tell them grandma and grandpa say hi”, send them the type message you can send whenever’s convenient, and they can enjoy whenever they have a break in the action—a Vissenger message.

It’s simple (we promise). Head over to Vissenger.com and sign up with a valid email address. From there, it’s as easy as clicking the record button, telling your grandkids how much you love them (or how they shouldn’t play so many video games), and sending it to a loved one’s inbox for them to open whenever everyone’s around to enjoy it.

Now, you can make messages exactly how you want them to be, without having to find the perfect time to talk.

Elevate your e-cards

heart-in-envelope-mdThere’s a special feeling reserved for what it’s like to get a personal message. It’s somewhere between a warm fuzziness and a tender appreciation. Whether it’s in a card, an email, or a phone call, these messages show us that the people closest to us love us enough to tell us so.

As exciting and endearing as all these types of messages are, the act of sending physical cards is becoming more and more overshadowed by the convenience of digital messages. And that’s fine—we can stop the advancing of technology as well as we can stop the earth from spinning.

But what if we could combine that special feeling of receiving a truly personal message with the convenience of sending a digital one?

Well, with Vissenger, we can.

When those certain occasions come around, Vissenger lets you sing Happy Birthday, show just how excited you are, or make the jokes you know will make your loved ones feel better. They get to see you, and you get to say exactly what you want—no character counts, no running out of space, no limits to what your message can express.

Plus, it’s fast, so there’s never a need to worry about planning ahead or buying stamps. Simply record whatever sentiment your heart desires and make their day right away.

So, next time you need to send someone you love a personal message on a special occasion, do it with Vissenger—where that special feeling comes standard.

5 ways to make spring extra special—and how Vissenger can help

vissengerblog_post2_image1Clear blue skies, warm breezes, and green, green everywhere can only mean one thing: Spring is in the air. A season where memories are made under the sun, spring breathes color back in to the world, and brings fun along with it. To help you make the most of its beautiful weather, check out our list of top spring activities that will be too good not to share.

vissengerblog_post2_image21. Put your green thumb to the test
Not only is gardening a great way to relax, it’s also your chance to add a signature touch to a season in bloom. Whether you plant flowers in the front yard, a vegetable patch by the garage, or herbs on the windowsill, caring for a garden is a rewarding experience like no other. Plus, when the seeds start to sprout, Vissenger can help you share their progress with your loved ones.

vissengerblog_post2_image32. Break out that checkered blanket
There’s just something about eating outside that makes food taste better, don’t you think? A picnic is a great way to soak up the sun and escape the everyday—with snacks. And the best part is, it’s an easy way to have whole lot of fun. Pack not only your favorite foods, but also cards, games, and books. And while you enjoy the day, use Vissenger to share your menu and invite your friends.

vissengerblog_post2_image43. Use nature to make something beautiful
Spring is all about renewal, which makes it the perfect time to turn something ordinary into something extraordinary. With a few supplies, you can turn fallen twigs into a decorative outdoor wreath, make an etching of all the different leaves around your home, build and paint a birdhouse, and more. You bring the imagination, and nature will supply the rest. When you’re done, use Vissenger to share the results of your creativity.

vissengerblog_post2_image54. Go on the hunt for natural treasures
Kids are curious by nature, so why not give them a mission to explore the wonders of spring? Make a list of items—like varieties of leaves, seeds, wildflowers, bugs, and more—and task kids to find as many of them as they can. They’ll love the possibility of discovering something new in the world around them. While they go searching, you can use Vissenger to share the hunt with the whole neighborhood.

vissengerblog_post2_image65. Use the wind to your advantage
Take a kite, toss it in the air, give it a running start, and watch it fly. There are few moments as magical as seeing a kite glide along the breeze. The sunny, but windy days of spring make the perfect atmosphere for kite flying. Try out a few different sizes and shapes throughout the season and use Vissenger to share the thrill of their first takeoff with everyone.

No matter what fun you get into this spring, Vissenger can help you share the experience with friends and family, instantly and easily.

Welcome to Vissenger



We’re so glad you’re here.

Now, let’s get down to it: What is Vissenger? Well, we’re happy you asked.

Vissenger is a messaging service that allows you to keep in touch with friends and family (and coworkers and associates) using video—instantly. No apps or downloads required.

By using Vissenger to record personal videos, you can send any type of message you want, from “Happy birthday!” to “How’s it goin?” and so many more, on your own time.

Need to let your spouse know you’re running late? Want to wish your best friend good luck on his or her interview? Care to share some exciting news with your whole family? We can help.

Vissenger makes whatever you’re sharing uniquely yours. The possibilities for messages are endless, and they’re all up to you. Plus, you don’t have to worry about getting it right the first time because you can always re-record your message to make sure it’s just how you want it.

The best part: Vissenger is fast. Faster than typing (and retyping) a text message full of typos (darn autocorrect). Faster than coordinating (and connecting to) a video call. It lets you shoot, express, and send in no time, leaving more time for making moments worth sharing.

And this is only the beginning, of both your journey with Vissenger and Vissenger itself. We’re excited for you to start sharing moments and to learn how we can help enrich the experience along the way.

Check back to this blog frequently to find articles, updates, news, and more from us at here Vissenger.

And don’t forget to sign up to be alerted when Vissenger launches to the public: .

Happy sharing!